The Office of Communications and Marketing provides and support Ensemble CMS training for personnel in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station. The training resources included on this website are meant to act as the primary training resource for users in Extension unit offices and the Agricultural Research and Extension Centers who may not be able to take advantage of the classroom sessions that University Relations offers. These resources can also supplement any in-person training received on campus.

Training for Extension unit offices

Many of the training resources on this site are meant to help users who work on Extension unit office websites. Resources include online modules and how-to sheets that allow users to learn Ensemble CMS at their own pace and develop unit Web pages. CALS IT has also conducted weekly Connect Meeting sessions that have been archived. These sessions provide live demonstrations of how to work in the CMS and give users a chance to ask questions about their work.

Online and Self-Paced Training

CALS-IT and University Relations have also developed online tutorials for those outside of Extension offices who cannot attend classroom sessions in Blacksburg or for those who need self-paced instruction available at any time. These tutorials are general in scope and can be applied to most websites being worked on in the CMS.

One-on-One Assistance

CALS-IT provides one-on-one support to college, Extension, and VAES personnel who need individual assistance using the CMS. You can contact the CALS-IT Help Desk either by phone at (540) 231-4865 or e-mail. In some cases, an individual Connect Meeting session can be arranged if you need a more involved demonstration to complete your task. However, we highly encourage use of the online training resources before contacting the Ag Help Desk for assistance.

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CMS Maintenance

The CMS will occasionally be down for maintenance on Sunday afternoons making it unavailable. If you cannot access the CMS on a Sunday, try again in a few hours.