Q: What types of events can I post on my calendar?

A: Unit calendars are for the public, so you should post programs of public interest only. Examples of events that should not be posted include internal meetings, training, or other events open only to VCE staff and volunteers.

Q: Can I post an event sponsored by a company or another agency?

A: Events that VCE is involved with or which are co-sponsored with another agency are acceptable.

Q: What web address should I use to advertise my office calendar?

A: Web addresses for unit office calendars are http://calendar.ext.vt.edu/your_county (i.e.http://calendar.ext.vt.edu/prince_edward)

Q: What are the character limits for the Event Description and Event Location blocks?

A: Be as concise as possible and limit the text in these fields to 500 characters or less.

Q: How do I include web addresses in the Event Description block of the form?

A: If you want clients to visit a website(s) for more information (e.g. registration forms) in addition to what you write in this block, include the web address(es) like in this example after your other text: http://www.mywebsite.com You can also enter a web address in the Event Website block of the entry form. Caution: if the Event Description begins with a web address, this address will be used as the link for the event when it is posted on your calendar.

Q: Can I select more than one topic area?

No, you can only select one topic area for an event.

Q: How do I enter an event that spans multiple days?

A: To save yourself time entering the same event, scroll down to the Repeat Information section at the end of the event entry form. This section provides a variety of repeating patterns from which to choose.

Q: In the Repeat Information section, what is the difference between Repeat Every Day and Repeat Every Day Bannered?

A: Repeat Every Day displays the event as a separate item on the calendar on each day that you specify. Repeat Every Day (Bannered) displays the event as a banner across all the days that you specify. The bannered display can help make your calendar look cleaner, especially if you have a lot of other single day events posted.

Q: How do I know which units are included on a posted event?

A: After logging into the system, select the day that the event occurs (dates become links when you are logged in). Towards the top of the next screen, you will see a list of events under Existing Events. To the right of each event is information about who created the event and the topic and office categories. Each unit that is included in this event is labeled OFFICE: ____ County. This approach is the quickest way to see which other units are included.

Q: How do I exclude a unit that was originally included on a posted event?

A: After logging into the system, select the day that the event occurs (dates become links when you are logged in). Towards the top of the next screen, you will see a list of events under Existing Events. On the right side of the screen, you will see Edit and Delete buttons. Select the Edit button next to the appropriate event.

Now you should see the Edit Event screen. Towards the upper right side of this screen, you will see Add to other office calendar(s). Scroll down in this block until you find the unit(s) you want to exclude. Deselect the unit by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and clicking the unit. On a Macintosh computer, hold down the Command/Apple key on the keyboard while selecting. You know you have deselected the unit when it is no longer highlighted in a color.

Now, scroll down the entire screen until you see the Replace Event button on the left-hand side. Select this button to save your changes.

Q: How do I enter an event whose location is in a different unit than my home unit?

A: In the case where the event in held in a different unit than your home unit and residents of the other unit are part of the intended audience, go to the other unit's calendar to enter the event. Include other units that should show the event on their calendars when the event is intended for their audiences too.

For example, a Warren County agent enters an event that is held in Loudoun County, and Loudoun County residents are part of the intended audience. He or she should go to the Loudoun County calendar (not Warren County) to begin entering the event information. Warren County and any other unit that should display this event on their calendar can be included.

Refer to Entering Events (PDF | 760KB)  for additional information.

Q: How do I include my event on all unit office calendars in my district?

A: When adding or editing an event, you will see on the entry form a block labeled Add to other office calendar(s). In this block, scroll down towards the bottom of the list to find your district. Select your district (i.e. All units in xxxx District), which should highlight with a color when you select it.

Note: please be absolutely sure that the event should be added to all units in the district. It is more time-consuming later to exclude individual units if you have made a mistake.