The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers calendar systems for both Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Calendars

Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station Calendars

The following training resources are available for calendar users:

Calcium Calendar Training for Extension Offices and VAES

  1. Introduction (PDF | 56KB)
  2. Design and Navigation (PDF | 602KB)
  3. Entering Events (PDF | 760KB)
  4. Editing Events (PDF | 44KB)
  5. Deleting Events (PDF | 133KB)
  6. Copying Events (PDF | 42KB)

CALS and Virginia Tech Calendars

In addition to the Extension and VAES calendars, CALS has a college calendar, which is affiliated with the Virginia Tech Events Calendar.

Events posted to the CALS Events Calendar are fed to the CALS homepage's righthand sidebar.

Each unit or department is encouraged to select a representative who will be authorized within the calendar system to submit events. Not only will these events appear on the CALS calendar, CALS homepage, and the master Virginia Tech calendar (if desired), the submissions will help our social media team promote events on the college's various social media accounts.

Once submitted by an authorized user, events will be approved by the Communications and Marketing team. To request access to the calendar, please send your PID, department/unit name, and phone number to Julie Crichton at

Following are the steps for submitting events:

  1. At the CALS Event Calendar, select the "Update" tab in the upper-right corner.
  2. Log in using your VT PID and password; the login requires 2FA.
  3. In the left column under "Sponsor's options," select "Add new event."
  4. An "Input event information" window will open. Complete all relevant fields.
  5. Be sure to enter a descriptive event title and all appropriate details.
  6. If you want the event to be included on the Virginia Tech Events Calendar, check the box at the form's bottom: "Also display this event on the VT Event Calendar."
  7. Once previewed, the event can then be submitted for approval by the calendar's administrators.