1. Author downloads Non-Peer Reviewed Content Template (Color) (DOCX | 403KB) or Non-Peer Reviewed Content Template (Black and White) (DOCX | 297KB).
  2. The author creates content in the template, including embedding all images, tables, charts, etc. to form a complete document. Please do not include any content in the header or footer area of the template or alter the header or footer area of the template.  
  3. The author submits the Non-Peer-Reviewed Content template to Office of Communications and Marketing via the online Project Request System.
  4. Enter the publication title into the Job Title field. Include all comments and additional information about the publication in the Project Description field. Please allow a minimum of seven working days for your publication to be posted. If you have additional questions about the online Project Request System, contact Lori Greiner or call 540-231-5349. You should receive a confirmation email immediately after you submit your request. Once your request has been accepted you will be able to log back into the system and track your publication as it makes its way through the process.
  5. A publication number is automatically assigned based on the department/program selected from the drop down menu. For example, if you select “Biological Systems Engineering,” the system may generate “BSE-100”. The numbers that follow the department code are assigned chronologically. Note: If you are a specialist, please choose the correct department. If you are an agent, please choose the correct program area under VCE Programs.
  6. The Office of Communications and Marketing will confirm that you have used the correct template and add your publication number to your document before creating a PDF that will be posted on the Virginia Cooperative Extension website.
  7. Communications and Marketing notifies the author that the content has been published via the online Project Request System.
  8. As the requestor, you will receive an email that a draft PDF is ready for approval. Please log into the system and note your approval and/or any final changes.
  9. Once your approval has been received, the Office of Communications and Marketing will post the PDF online and send you a note stating that the publication is now available online, with the URL.
  10. Before the project can be completed, the requestor will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey.


  • No html is created. For this type of content, only PDFs are posted online.
  • This content does not enter the print-on-demand system. Users can print from the PDF.
  • Typically, content that is published through the non-peer-review process will not receive editing, design, layout, or other services from the Communications and Marketing unit. However, there may be situations where these services are needed for non-peer-reviewed content. These include:
    • Technical illustration of scientific processes or products.
    • Writing, editing, design and/or layout for marketing or promotional materials (requested by a VCE Associate Director only).
    • Writing, editing, design and/or layout for materials produced for an externally-funded project (e.g. grant).

    Requests for these exceptions are noted in the "Special Instructions" section of the Non-peer-reviewed Content Submission form. Approval of the exception is made by the Director of Communications and Marketing.

Last updated: May 1, 2013