The Virginia Tech content management system (CMS) uses Google Analytics to track visitors to all college and Extension websites in the CMS.

If you would like access to a specific website's data, send a request to Julie Crichton to be authorized to access your site's analytics.

Note: Because PDF download information is not available in Google Analytics, please contact Julie to request PDF metrics.


How to navigate Google Analytics

  • Once you've been granted access to a particular CALS and/or VCE website, navigate to in your browser. 
  • Log in with your Virginia Tech Gmail password, and switch to your account if you have more than one Google account cached in your browser.
Screenshot of logging into Google Analytics in a browser.


  • To find statistics on a particular webpage or group of pages in the same folder, use the left sidebar to drill down to the grouping you're looking for. The Audience tab is open by default, and it can give you general overview information about pageviews and visitors for the whole site. For more specific page information, click on the Behavior tab for more options:
Screenshot of using Google Analytics content drill down.


  • Follow the URL path to guide you on this drill down. You'll do this by clicking on the folder names in the left-most sidebar (i.e. Follow and click through the various folders separated by the "/" marks until you reach the page you wish to view).
Screenshot of using Google Analytics content drill down.


  • You can change the date range and compare to a previous date range in the upper right corner of the page at any time.
Screenshot of using Google Analytics date range tool.


  • If you wish to add a secondary dimension (i.e. visitor location), choose your dimension from the pull-down list between the graph and chart.
Screenshot of using Google Analytics secondary dimension setting.
Screenshot of using Google Analytics export feature.


  • Your data can be exported as raw data and as reports.


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