Requests for minor changes (quick updates that include changing dates, links, removing content, etc.…) can be emailed directly to the web publishing assistant. It will be at the discretion of the web-publishing assistant to determine whether she requires that the request be entered in the Project Request System.

Requests for new pages and extensive content revisions and additions must be submitted via the Project Request System.

Instructions for completing the online submission form for a unit office website update:

  1. Project Title: “Your County/Unit” Website Update (i.e. Montgomery County Website Update).
  2. Project Description: Please include a brief description of your request and list the URL, if one already exists. Be as specific as possible in your instructions.
  3. Job Type: Select “Website Services – VCE Unit Office.”
  4. For Department: Select “Virginia Cooperative Extension Administration.”
  5. Peer Review Status: Select “Other.”
  6. Deadline:  Request your deadline. The system will not allow you to select a due date that is less than three working days. If you need something completed in less than three days, complete the submission form then email web publishing assistant to notify her of your due date. We will do our best to complete your request by your due date, however, it will depend on workload and other previously negotiated deadlines.
  7. Intended Audience: Indicate the “Public.”
  8. Upload files: Please upload copy (Word document) into the job system.  Do not imbed photos into the Word document. Upload photos separately (photo quality must be at least 300 dpi). If you have multiple photos, they can be placed on the t-drive. Contact the web publishing assistant for instructions.
  9. Is this job a revision? If yes, please list the URL.
  10. We will not accept your request until all of the materials/information have been submitted. Also the deadline that you are requesting may or may not be feasible, and that success in meeting this deadline will require your involvement.  Please check the box that you understand this.
  11. Click “submit job.”

The web publishing assistant will review incoming requests daily. If you have something that needs to be posted immediately, please contact the web publishing assistant.  The assistant will attempt to accommodate these requests. The further advance notice that you can provide, the better chances are that we will be able to accommodate your requests by your due date.


If you need help completing the submission form, please contact: